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StartBox comes with an incredibly easy-to-use, modular settings page. For users, this means a quick and painless setup, for developers this means an incredible new level of control and flexibility for your themes.


Adding an Options Panel

You can use the sb_register_settings() function to add your own options panel.

Removing an Options Panel

Use the sb_unregister_settings() function to remove a default option panel or sb_remove_default_settings() to remove ALL default option panels..

Creating Options

The Options API derives its real power from your ability to Create Options. There are loads of pre-defined option types at your disposal, ranging from an AJAX uploader to simple text boxes.

Use sb_register_option() and sb_unregister_option() to add or remove single options from existing metaboxes.

Interacting With Your Options

Because the options are all stored to a single array, StartBox has a few helper functions to make it easy for you interact with that data.

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